7 Tips for Maximum Blog Engagement

What should you be doing to maximise engagement from your blog readers?

Are you writing blogs which you think are amazing but you just aren’t getting the engagement from readers you expected?

I hear you!

When I first started my writing business I wasn’t getting that engagement either.

So, what can you do?

The great news is that there’s some really simple tips you can follow to make sure your blog is found, read and shared by your target audience.

Tell me more, I hear you asking.

So –

I made a blog post checklist infographic which contains the 7 key elements for maximum engagement.

The entire checklist is at the end of this post … so keep reading!

So here’s the key elements you need to check before you send your blog into the universe.

1. Headline

Your headline is your chance to hook readers and entice them to read the next part of your blog.

Don’t miss your chance with a headline that won’t compel readers to continue reading.

2. Introduction

An enticing introduction will follow on from your headline and will drive readers to the body of your blog.

3. Body

Now, this might seem obvious, but you need to make sure the body of your blog is easy to read and understand. If it’s too wordy, make some changes until it’s clear and concise.

Just as importantly, have you formatted your blog using sub-headings, images and internal and/or external links?

Remember that you want likes, comments and shares; so make sure your copy will trigger an emotional response in your readers in order for them to do this.

4. Call to Action

What do you want your readers to do once they’ve read your blog?

Tell them!

Never assume that a reader will know what you want them to do. Make it clear.

5. Completeness

Whatever you’ve promised the reader in your headline and introduction, make sure you’ve delivered on that promise in your blog.

What do I mean?

Quite simply, if your headline reads; “Here’s how to eat your way to a healthy mind in 7 simple steps”, make sure that’s exactly what your blog’s about.

And make sure there are 7 steps to show readers how to do it.

It sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many blogs either go in a different direction halfway through, or the number of “how-to” steps don’t match the headline.

6. SEO

In the blogging world, SEO is king.

And you want your post to be found amongst the thousands of other similar blogs right?

So, give yourself and your blog the best chance of being found by making sure that the URL, body text, images, title tags and meta description are all optimised for SEO.

7. Other Important Stuff

Are all the images you’ve used in your blog clear and high-quality? There’s no point having them if your audience can’t see them.

Also, remember to make the blog is consistent with yours or your client’s branding.

Here it is! The full checklist.

I hope this checklist helps when you’re editing and refining your blog.

It’s certainly helped me.

Please like it, pin it and share it for me! Thank you.

Please share in the comments what other tips and tricks you use. I’d love to hear from you.

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