Holly Latham

Holly Latham

Holly Latham can help your business shine

Do you wish the content you published for your business was more engaging?

Does your social media marketing need an overhaul?

Here’s how I can help you.


I’m Holly Latham, a freelance copywriter, content writer and social media specialist for hire.

Not sure what all that means?

Quite simply, my job is to help your business shine by creating interesting, engaging and informative content.

I understand how busy you are

Are you spending hours every week writing blog posts, articles, website content or newsletters for your business? Do you then spend even more time creating social media posts which your followers will find interesting?

And, is SEO and SMO even a consideration? (Hint: if you’re not sure what these terms mean, keep reading).

Businesses simply can’t afford to be left behind by publishing content that isn’t optimised for search engines and social media visibility.

So, why not let someone else create engaging and informative content for you; which will save you time, money and a bucket load of stress?

Work smarter, not harder

With 20+ years of experience writing and marketing various forms of content, I have expert knowledge, interest, and personal experience in:

  • Offering high-quality content that will boost traffic to your business website, increasing your search engine visibility and ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

  • Writing search engine optimised (SEO) and social media optimised (SMO) content which means that your content will appear in Google searches.

  • Writing with expressive, industry-related terminology using an array of keywords which will not only immediately grab attention, but will be easy to read.

Make your business succeed

My content will be used as a lead generation tool and will help your business succeed by:

  • Reaching your target audience.

  • Growing your email subscriber list.

  • Increasing new business leads.

  • Boosting your website’s online visibility.

  • Boosting your company’s social media presence.

Quite simply, you can’t lose

Why not take the plunge and give me a call or send me an email to have a chat about how I can help you?

It could be the best decision you’ve made all day!

Don’t wait a minute longer to get help!